About Us

During a paranormal investigation, upon arrival we like to do a tour of the property to determine where we will place our equipment. While the tour is in process the remaining investigators begin taking base readings on the property using an EMF detector and thermometer. These readings are listed on the investigation page after evidence is reviewed and the website is updated. After the tour we set up the equipment which can take around an hour and begin our ghost hunt. We request that all animals and children are not present during the investigation to eliminate all noise factors that could contaminate evidence caught. As we investigate we try to debunk any noises heard. Using equipment we try to capture any evidence of paranormal activity.













All evidence recovered is cross referenced with any and every other piece of equipment on an investigation. We also time stamp our audio and video equipment with the date and time through-out the night. All evidence is reviewed in a quite environment and re-reviewed several times. Any elements in the room where evidence is captured are marked and accounted for, that piece of evidence will be excluded if found it was caused by any element of environmental surroundings or any other nature. All investigators announce when a member or guest makes a movement or noise of any kind. Our teams policy is "when in doubt, throw it out." Though every member of our team believes in the paranormal we are here to perform research and are looking for answers as many are.